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Coaltown, USA is a newly configured heritage experience dedicated to the story of the coal mining industry and the coalfields way of life. Nestled in Welch, West Virginia, the heart of McDowell County. 

All Month of December 

Annual CoalTown Christmas Decorating Contest, Decorate your house or business and submit a picture or video on the City of Welch Facebook page. The house with the most likes wins. Winner will be announced December 21st. Cash Prize for House division and cash prize for Business division.

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Call Welch City Hall for Entries and Tickets. 304-436-3113  

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A collection of our readers favorite Christmas memories, folklore and traditions.
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Everyday is a Gift...
Submitted by: Thomas, McDowell County 

Growing up, like many in our area, we were extremely poor in my very early years.  We didn't have money for store-bought gifts. Sometimes I got a handmade toy but mostly a useful item like a pair of hand-me-down socks, maybe a shirt or pair of church pants. Never in my early years did my family have a Christmas tree. When I was about in the 6th grade, the teacher ask me if I would do her a favor by taking our classroom tree when school let out for the holidays. That was the one and only tree we ever had while I was home. I recall how proud we were of that tree. Mama and I colored some paper, cut it in strips and with flour paste made a chain that we strung around the tree. Mama fashioned a star out of some old cardboard and put it on top of the tree. At night she would tell me stories after she got home from cleaning the church.

Many Christmas mornings arrived  bearing no gifts, I believe they were harder on my mother than it was on me. I had never had anything so I didn’t seem to know the difference until I got a little older. My friends, classmates and the kids from church all had dads around and even though none of them were well off, they had it far better than I did. My single mom and I spent many hungry days; often going to bed hungry. Thank goodness for the kindness of others and for our church family. 

Despite the lean years, I still have a warm feeling and fond memories of my religious upbringing. My Christmas memories of midnight services were especially moving. The large choir sang beautiful  Christmas hymns and we felt a strong sense of the true meaning of Christmas. As I got older times got better. Mom made peace with Grandma. We were able to go live with her even though we still didn’t have Christmas gifts to exchange, we had more to eat and Christmas Day was filled with relatives coming by to visit Grandma.

Maybe I did have the best of it. The material things would be gone but the Christmas times I spent at that old church and with just my mama and me have kept me grounded and those times gave me an appreciation for all the good things that come my way, no matter how small; it means a lot. Friendships and loyalties far outweigh gifts. Good health and the well being of my family are the things that make everyday special.

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